Drawing the perfect revision cloud.

While I was revising a drawing for a builder today I realised that I had drawn the same revision cloud in the same place at least four times to make sure it is just right. This being the equivalent to a teacher making the same correct tick four times to make sure it looks just right or a post office worker stamping the same document four times to make sure that the stamp falls on the page just right.

I think the reason that I fuss about these things has to do with the mentor I had just a short while ago. If someone scrutinizes your drawing work with a red pen (or in his case always a politically correct green pen), it teaches you something about yourself. You find that you constantly miss certain things and never miss others, you tend to get almost everything right on a project that you enjoy and a project that you don’t enjoy is usually I little more difficult.

The art of producing good quality drawings is not something that just happens, it has little to to with which software or 3D modelling program you use but has a lot to do with the way you view the world and your place in it.

I think that often a set of architectural drawings, documenting a building design, speaks about who and where you were at the time, what you were feeling about the design, how the client was influencing the process and who else had input in the process.

Architecture is one off the most unquantifiable endeavors of man, for example: Lets say I told you that in 21 days time the earth would be destroyed and you had the responsibility of saving 10 good pieces of architecture.

Irrespective of what you may choose as worthy pieces, the question remains, what would you save?

Is architecture the brick and mortar and would it be worth saving the Parthenon without the hill that it was built upon? Would you run and measure to document the living daylights out of Falling Waters by Frank Lloyd Wright without being able to preserve the sound of the waterfall underneath it echoing through it? I can go on and on but I think you catch my drift, what I am really saying is that you cannot bottle architecture, you cant package it, you cant take it away from itself and say it is still architecture.

It is always a number of things together, it is the client, the builder, the engineer, the user, the site, the climate, the budget, the architect and then last but not least the revision cloud upon revision cloud on drawing after drawing of a building that could have been, should have been and may have been, and never is exactly how it is intended all caught in one glimpse as a snapshot of all of these and none of these all at once. This , I believe, is architecture…..


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